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Welcome to Conway Country Insurance, a partnership between Jack Conway & Company, Inc. and the Walter J. May Insurance Agency.


Our goal is to help you find the best available coverage for the lowest cost. By simply changing carriers or eliminating coverage duplication, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year!


Our professionally trained agents would be happy to help you arrange insurance on your new home or review existing policies. We can offer expert advice on appropriate policies and coverage and provide quotes from our very competitive carriers. You’ve got nothing to lose—and a lot to save.


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Conway Country Insurance is your very best source for every kind of coverage —




Homeowners Insurance


A number of different insurance products are available to you, providing the best coverage at the lowest possible rates. Combine home and automobile policies for additional discounts.


Car Insurance


Car insurance is expensive. Have our experts analyze your policy to make sure your coverage makes sense for the driving you do.


Commercial Insurance


Commercial rates are highly competitive. Your policy should be tailored to your requirements. We have access to the best and most reliable carriers in the country.


Marine Insurance


Our company principals are avid sailors, and they make sure you’re getting the best. We know marine insurance inside and out.


Umbrella Policies


Umbrella liability policies are a must in every modern insurance portfolio. Let us explain how important they are and their value to your personal and business exposure.


Life Insurance


We can help protect your family for the future. Let us review your present policies quickly and confidentially.


Disability Insurance


We can help you pay your bills if your income stops due to illness or injury. Let us advise you on practical and appropriate plans.