Plan Ahead to Change Your Address

  • Provide forwarding mailing address to post office.
  • Send new contact information and address to friends and relatives.
  • Provide new mailing address to your employer.
  • Bank: Update account with new address and/or arrange account in your new location.
  • Home and auto insurance: Provide information on new location for home and auto insurance.
  • Health and dental insurance: Update home address on all heatlh and dental insurance accounts.
  • Automobile registrations: Transfer driver's license and arrange for new registration.
  • Utility companies: Request refund of any deposits; arrange utilities in new town.
  • Newspaper and magazines: Cancel or transfer newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • School records: Request copies of transfer of children's records.
  • Medical prescriptions: Transfer medical prescriptions.
  • Church, club, and civic organizations: Transfer memberships.
  • Pets: Arrange for a new vet. Get regulations for licenses, vaccinations, and tags.

As You Pack Up the House

  • Get rid of furniture and household items you don't want to take with you. Donate, discard, and recycle. Allow as much time in advance for this step.
  • Empty the freezer by using up frozen foods.
  • Go through the pantry and throw away any expired food.
  • Clean rugs or dry-clean clothing before moving. Have them moving-wrapped.
  • Arrange cable and internet services for your new address.
  • Do research on trash disposal and recycling for your new address. Find out where the transfer station is and how to get the necessary trash and recycling tags or bins.
  • Clean as you pack up. Leave your home swept clean, including attic, garage, basement, and storage areas.
  • Gather operating manuals and warranties for any appliances you plan to leave in the house for the new owners.
  • Find and gather all house keys to leave them in the house for the new owners.
  • Confirm with the movers when the contents of the house will be packed and the day they will be unloaded.
  • Make hotel reservations if your move is a long-distance one.
  • Pack a go bag to carry with you personally to the new home. Include paper towels, liquid hand soap, dishwasher detergent, spray cleaner, and sponges. Add a small toolkit with a hammer, measuring tape, utility knife, screwdriver set, and pliers. Don't forget bathroom tissue.

On Moving Day 

  • Confirm arrival time for movers.
  • Double check closets, drawers, and shelves to be sure they are empty.
  • Leave all old keys needed by the new homeowner or tenant with the owner or the Realtor.
  • Carry currency, jewelry, and legal and financial documents yourself or ship them via a secure carrier.
  • Carry prescription medicines with you rather than in the moving van.
  • Get cash for quick, available funds, including tips for the moving team.
  • Don't forget to bring all electronic chargers and cables with you.
  • Let close friends and relatives know route and schedule you will travel including overnight stops.



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